2 DAY PROBLEM SOLVER -Bespoke English Course

A fast track intensive English course to improve specific areas and needs.

Course details and objectives: The two day Problem Solver course is an intensive English course aimed to resolve specific English language problems. Courses are tailor-made for each client following an initial consultation and many include the following subjects:

  • Exam preparation, thesis and dissertation advice
  • Written communications and emails
  • Conference calls and on-line meetings
  • Lectures and speeches
  • Help for professionals in very specific areas (education, law, medicine, military, aviation)
  • Diplomatic language consultations
  • Grammar, pronunciation and conversation workshops

The 2 day problem solver is a highly intensive consultation course offering one to one tuition as well as private grammar and phonetics workshops with conversation classes. Each course focuses on real-life situations, with hands-on tasks, problem based role-plays and specialist sessions connected to the particular industry or profession related to the client.

The exam, thesis and dissertation consultations are given by master tutors who are trained to help each client achieve the best possible grades. Follow up sessions are organised using Skype and/or Webex so that pre-examination nerves are calmed and last minute advice can be given.

Specific Profession Analysis studies the needs of each client in their own profession such as education, law or medicine. Clients often need help in only one or two areas to enable them to present themselves clearly in English in that given field and so tuition is intensely focused on improving these particular areas.

English for diplomats focuses on the subtleties of language of a native speaker. Clients are taught to master constructions such as modal and phrasal verbs to express their precise meaning. Courses include a command of intonation, a wide range of registers and an understanding of the way in which English can communicate meanings beyond those of the words themselves.

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Bespoke English Course