[bws_captcha]Do you ever feel that you need some personalised help to get you through an assignment or a period at work? Buddies can help you with:

  • spoken and written communication
  • understanding important documents
  • getting to grips with cultural differences
  • interviews and negotiation skills
  • answering calls in good English
  • job applications, cv’s, emails and official documents
  • writing important emails
  • Law, medicine, aviation, military, diplomatic and other specialist tuition

Buddies can be booked on demand and accessed by computer, tablet or mobile phone. They can be used for a single hour or a number of hours and can assist with any English task you need. Never worry again that your level of English is not sufficient. Our English buddy system is there to help.

Call us on (0044) 1273 275 8484, or use the Skype link at the top of the page for your buddy.