A highly focused and intensive immersion English course with one to one private tuition. Courses are face-to-face or using Skype or Webex. We also arrange one to one English courses in your own home or company location on request. We provide printable certificates for all our courses of over 5 hours.

Call us on (0044)1273 275 848 or use the Skype link at the top of the page today to book a free trial English lesson!

One to One English course details and objectives

The course is designed to improve confidence in written and spoken English, with private tuition on a wide variety of English language skills including:

  • Private masters level English tuition
  • English pronunciation and grammar
  • Face to face or videoconference lessons available
  • Classes structured to suit clients timetable
  • Meetings and communication strategies
  • Language fluency
  • Presentations using the latest software tools
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Law, medicine, military and specialist subjects on request
  • PIPE (a personal profit improvement plan provided for your company)
  • Luxury accommodation available

The learner has the undivided attention of the teacher, this means more opportunity to engage in real communication, with more feedback and better understanding of the individual needs. The learner has more opportunities to use the teacher as a resource, to ask questions and to practise in areas they feel they need to work on specifically. There is more flexibility in timing and structure – when the learner is away from a busy office or home life and are able to immerse themselves in one to one tuition, with prolonged periods of speaking and listening, they are able to achieve a higher level of English more quickly, rapidly building confidence and improving their communication skills.

Our head tutor has over 25 years’ experience in private tuition and individual course design and will ensure that you return to your country with your objectives achieved.

Call us on (0044) 1273 275 848, or use the Skype link at the top of the page to discuss your one to one English learning requirements, and to find out more about how private one to one English tuition from Hermes can help you improve your English language skills. Alternatively, please email us for further infomation and pricing details.

One to one English Course