EXAM BOOSTER – Online English Exam Tuition

A highly focused and intensive English course with one to one private tuition. Our English exam booster courses use Skype, WebEx or Adobe Connect, allowing our students to learn online. English exam booster courses from HLC are built around your individual learning needs, to ensure a high quality learning experience. We also provide printable certificates for all our courses of over 5 hours.

Contact Hermes and let us help you to perfect your exam English today. HLC tutors are able to assist you with your own unique English exam requirements, focussing on the areas you need most help with.

Are you worried that one part of your English exam will bring your score down?

Does your Use of English need work?

Are you worried about your speaking exam?

Do you need some expert tips to quickly improve your reading and writing?

Our exam booster classes are run by native-speaker teachers trained in fast improvement in the skills required to pass exam exams with optimum grades.

During the English exam booster course you will cover:

  • Use of English tips and fast-track improvement
  • Improving confidence in the speaking exam
  • How to achieve the optimum grade in exams
  • Tricks and tips to help you improve quickly


1-2-1 English Exam Tuition

One to One English Exam Tuition with HLC